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Sciatic Nerve Treatment

The sciatic nerve is considered the longest nerve in the human body. It derives in the lower back, running from the hip portion and down the back of the leg. When this nerve gets injured it results in sciatica. This condition is usually caused by pressure around the nerve. Chronic pain can result from this condition. Generally only one side of body is affected with pain and exudes through the length of the sciatic nerve from the lower back to the toes. The symptoms can include numbness, muscle weakness and tingling with movement problems. The sciatica pain that doesn’t relieve within 3 months can lead to mental and physical side effects. Constant stress of chronic sciatica weakens the immune system and nervous system.

There are some risk factors associated with sciatica that include sitting in the same position for long hours, twisting or lifting. General care needs to be taken so that the back does not get permanent damage. Patients should try:-

  • Sitting in the correct posture.
  • Use of a low back support.
  • Change the position after sometime while sitting.
  • Keep waist elongated.
  • Bend at your knees to pick up something.
  • Use a comfortable mattress to give your back good support.

There are many sciatic nerve treatment options that people have tried to cure the pain. Many sciatic pain relief solutions have proven to be too risky and more health problems and caused by the side effects. Drugs and pain medications can be addictive and surgery is also a risky option with a high price tag. Patients are now turning to natural sciatic nerve relief treatments due to the excellent results that are being achieved. The other good news with the natural approach is there is no risk of health issues, side effects, risk of drug addiction or high financial costs.

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